Reviews for Love at High Tide

  • “I really enjoyed Love at High Tide. It was a perfect book for summer reading. Not too light and not too heavy. But contained a story that was witty, humorous, and interesting. For me, Love at High Tide, feels like a Harlequin Blaze, Desire, and Intrigue mixed all together to create a totally engaging story.”~ The Book Chick
  • “I was so pleased with how much was packed into a story of 183 pages….really well done! It had action, humor, tugged on the heartstrings and had plenty of heat!” ~ Read-Love-Blog
  • “The story is strong, the writing superb, the character beyond enjoyable, the loving is hot and sexy with a touch of sweet, and the ending is more than satisfying. Christi Barth packs a whole lot of oomph into this book and I’m already hoping we’ll see a sequel!” ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
  • “This is the perfect summer read. It has sun, sand, sexy men mixed with some mild intrigue; light and entertaining. I was thrilled, yet again, by this author. She wrote an incredible story filled with wonderful characters, humorous dialogue, and chemistry.” ~ Books Books and More Books
  • “This was a fun, zany romp.” ~ The Book Binge
  • “There were so many cute parts to it, the whole book was really enjoyable and quick to read.” ~ The Book Pushers
  • “Once you start reading this book you aren’t going to want to put it down. Be prepared to laugh, smile and fall in love.” ~ Read Your Writes
  • “The book is a great one to take while relaxing on the beach.  Definitely check it out!” ~ From the TBR Pile