Reviews for Cruising Toward Love

Reviews for Cruising Toward Love …….

Paperbacks and Frosting:  This book was a really fun read for me. I read it while on vacation myself and found myself unable to stop turning the pages, I was enjoying it that much.   I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an escape from every day life. The cruise setting made me feel like I was enjoying a trip as wonderful and the characters were. The chemistry between the two main characters is perfect. I love when I can read a book and feel the electricity between two characters. I could definitely feel it with this one.

Rated 4 1/2 cupcakes!


Sarah Ballance:  If ever I’ve read a book and wanted to climb right in and hang with the characters, Christi Barth’s CRUISING TOWARD LOVE is it.  These folks are just FUN!  A lighthearted, often laugh-out-loud contemporary romance that just might earn you a reputation as a serial guffawer, this book is a can’t-miss read for anyone wanting a bit of an escape from the ordinary.  Both in setting and in style, CRUISNG will totally float your boat!

Long and Short Reviews:  I enjoyed this fun, witty, and romantic novel.  Readers, if you enjoy a story with a reunited couple, then cruise towards your nearest outlet and get yourself a copy of this book!

Rated 4 1/2 books!

Reading Between the Wines:  Once on the ship, you are introduced to some memorable characters.  Barth’s writing gives just enough depth to make them feel real and bring the scenery to life so you feel like you are another passenger feeling the sun on your skin watching this drama unfold.  Besides a great reuniting love story you get a little mystery thrown in with the fun and games.  Cruising Toward Love  is entertaining and well written.  It will leave you feeling happy, which is a great reason to pick it up.

Rated 4 wine glasses – fun and flirty!

Coffeetime Romance:  This is an entertaining story with colorful characters and an exotic setting.  The plot is interesting and a bit suspenseful, and the subplot of the ship’s photographer and the internet millionaire is just as entertaining as the main plotline.  A cruise ship makes a great setting.  Readers looking for a funny and suspenseful mystery will really like this one.

Rated 4 coffee cups!

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews:  Cruising Toward Love is a great story to get away from it all. As they visit several tropical destinations the reader can feel as if they are getting a nice vacation as well. I liked Cruising Toward Love as a contemporary romance about love overcoming obstacles and would recommend it to anyone looking for a story that transports you somewhere else.

Rated 3 hearts!

Everybody Needs a Little Romance:  This was a great concept with some fun parts to it, a little bit of heat, and some suspense thrown in to top it all off.

Rated 3 hearts!