Reviews for Act Like We’re in Love

Reviews for Act Like We`re in Love

RT Book Reviews:  When a Hollywood Star invades the small town where a young actress lives, their relationship rivals any Tony Award winning comedy portrayed on a Broadway stage.  There’s great dialogue, a fun storyline and characters that readers will want to visit again and again.

Rated 4 Stars!


Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks:  This book centers around the actors and actresses before the opening of a big-ish theater production.  You can tell that the author has a background in theater.  The details she gives when telling of the actors before a show and the way they feel while on stage is wonderful.  You feel as though you are a part of the show alongside Linnea and Luke.  It’s almost like the production is a character all its own.


The dialogue in Act Like We’re in Love is delightful.  Warm and engaging.  Really great.  There is not any real conflict in this book.  It’s simply the story of people who meet and the circumstances surrounding how they fall in love.  And even though you think you are 99% sure of where the story is headed, Christi manages to throw a few wrenches in your gears along the way.  Especially the last few pages where she kind of throws you for a loop.  Overall, Act Like We’re in Love is a lovely book.  It’s a character story involving likable characters you actually want to get to know.  It’s a story that will make you giggle and leave you smiling.

Rated 4 Stars!


Long Live the Lit:  Christi Barth gives the twice-told tale of guy likes girl a fun overhaul. Uptight manager, Wes, hugging his briefcase and chewing a pack of gum at lightning speed was my personal favorite, but Linnea and Luke have their own unique charms about them.


What I enjoyed most about Act Like We’re in Love was the author’s writing itself.  Christi Barth has a wonderful way with words. Vivid descriptions and vibrant word choice make the tale sparkle, and her humor is evident through the characters’ dialogue as well as their inner personal reflections.  Ms. Barth definitely knows the art of making her reader turn the page to the next chapter with some of her scene ending conflicts. For those readers looking for a lighter tale, let it be known the love scenes do take the rating up several notches.


Minding Spot:  Exciting and heartwarming, Act Like We’re in Love is a delightful contemporary romance that will touch your heart.  Beautifully enhanced with a poignant plot, compelling characters, humor, romance, striking plot twists and plenty of love, this story is brought to life right before your eyes by the attractive writing style of Christi Barth.


Becks Book Picks:  This book was great. I love contemporary romance and this fits it perfectly. I also love when there are two stories in one book. Not only did the reader want to see Linnea and Luke get together, but each of their best friends Ingria and Wes who were complete opposites were drawn to one another. Since we didn’t get as much with the two of them, I am hoping that means the author is working on a book for just those two characters.  As always, one thing I look for when reading romance is the chemistry between the characters. I have to feel the want between the two, and I definitely did in this book. Linnea was so drawn to Luke and he the same. It was one of those books where the two main characters struggled with being together, but not to where you want to throw the book across the room and tell them to just get over it. The author really balanced it well. The characters were all well liked. This is a book your going to want to read if now a days romance  for you.

Rated Five Butterflys!


Suite 101:  The (sexual) tension amidst the pages will carry the reader through and keep the reader entangled in the plot right till the very end.  Besides the sexual tension, the dialogue and the characters make the book worth reading too. With witty sayings that will make you literally laugh-out-loud, Act Like We’re In Love can easily be considered a humorous contemporary romance novel. The characters are so vibrant, so alive on the pages, that their dialogue just makes them seem all the more real. They deal with issues we experience, they feel like we would feel, and they often time act as we might act. That makes for some emotional investment on the readers side. Readers will become attached to the characters and feel for them throughout the story.