A Fine Romance

A Fine Romance

Will she turn her back on a life of wealth for a sexy chocolatier – when she doesn’t even like chocolate?

Mira Parrish came to Chicago to launch a romance store--and her quest for independence. Her first day doesn’t start well when she bashes an intruder over the head. He turns out to be her new work neighbor, who infects her with equal parts annoyance and low-grade lust.

Sexy wedding cake baker Sam Lyons put his dream of making gourmet chocolates on hold to single-handedly keep his family’s bakery afloat. If he can stop hovering over his widowed mother, he might be able to kick off his chocolate business at a gourmet food show. Oh, and ignore the massive distraction of the beautiful new neighbor.

When the press claims that Mira’s already run two other stores into bankruptcy, the buzz about her grand opening grows in all the wrong ways. Suddenly the parents and the life of wealth she’s turned her back on look promising. The only catch is that she’d have to marry an ‘appropriate’ man and give up her career. Could she give up the man she’s falling in love with... and her dreams? Will a deathbed plea from his father lead Sam to abandon his dreams in order to take care of his mother? Or will Mira and Sam find their way to a fine romance?

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About the Book


. . . a fun book with a great story and wonderful characters. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of contemporary romance. ~  Kindles and Wine

I don’t know whose story is next but I know I’ll be one of the first to read it. I’m really enjoying the series with its eclectic mix of personalities and sexy heroes and this one was hard to put down.  ~ The Book Nympho

A Fine Romance was sexy and romantic, and everything I look for in a plot as far as contemporary romances go. ~ Sizzling Hot Books

If you like a fun contemporary romance, you will like A Fine Romance by Christi Barth. – Harlequin Junkie

It was a cute, easy read. Something to relax with and dream of chocolate sexcapades. ~ Reading Between the Wines

With enjoyable characters, a well developed and nicely written plot, sparkling sensuality including some lovely food play; A Fine Romance is just that. Christi Barth has created another winning installment in this fun series and I’m already looking forward to the next one! ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

This is perfect for readers looking for an easy afternoon read with lots of funny banter and emotional intensity; A Fine Romance is a must read. Enjoy!

I found the authors writing style to be captivating. This is a delightfully well-written romance with characters that are charismatic yet antagonizing. The author crafted wonderful scenes full of dialogue that are both hilarious and realistic. This is not the {SWEET} romance depicted on the cover. It was more like a chemistry experiment; one minute everything is going along smoothly…then BOOM – no eye brows. The magnetism between Sam and Mira was incredible; the author also did an amazing job of writing Mira into the group naturally.


An hour ago Sam would’ve slapped back at her high-handed insult. But now he’d seen a glimpse of the complicated, vulnerable woman beneath the ice princess facade. Worse, he knew he deserved the dig. His response had nothing to do with possible recrimination from Ivy for making her friend cry. It had everything to do with his genuine regret at hurting Mira. He cupped his hands lightly around her upper arms.

“You’re right.”

Her toned muscles tensed beneath his palms. “What?”

“I made a snap judgment. It was stupid. I’m sorry.” Thick-lashed blue eyes widened at his words, but he couldn’t tell if it was from surprise or disbelief. Funny how her eyes were the same color as the miles of lake surrounding them. A man could drown in eyes that deep blue. “You don’t deserve to be judged on anything more than who you are, right now, in front of me.”

At that, her biceps softened. Her entire demeanor softened, and even her lips fell into an open circle. “Oh.”

Sam wiped away the last teardrop glistening on her lashes. As his thumb grazed the softness of her skin, he couldn’t resist feathering the back of his knuckles down her cheek. It made those bright red lips purse into a tighter circle, that drew him like a tempting target. One that drove away all thoughts of why this might be the worst idea ever. He dipped his head and kissed her.

It only took a second to realize one kiss wouldn’t be nearly enough. Mira’s lips were cool from the wind and spray at first, but quickly warmed beneath his. Soft and pliable, they melded against his the same way her body leaned into him. Eagerly he wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her even closer. It lined everything up in a way that jacked his desire from hot to supernova. He bracketed her legs with his, making sure to keep contact with their long, smooth length. It made it easier to turn her, angle her back against the rail. He caught one last glimpse of those alluring eyes before they fluttered shut.

“This is…” she whispered, barely able to be heard over the slap of the water against the hull.

Sam didn’t like where that sentence might be going, so he kissed her again. “…terrific,” he said.

Not satisfied with slow nibbles, Sam deepened the kiss. She tasted sweeter than his honey truffles. Mira moaned as his tongue swirled, learning the secrets of her mouth. Learning just where to apply pressure, where to linger that made her clutch at his back. Her long nails dug through the thin cotton of his shirt, but he didn’t care. Sam relished the proof he’d roused her. All he wanted was to seduce more moans, more sexy little gasps out of her.

He wrapped his hand around her ponytail and tugged her head to the side. There, on the side of her neck, he licked at the spot where her pulse fluttered against the surface in a rapid triple time that matched his own. Mira wriggled, a move that threatened to pop his dick right through his shorts. The way she flowed against him, with the sinuous ease of perfectly tempered melted chocolate, made him want to drop to the deck, rip off all of her clothes and bury himself deep inside her. Another few minutes, and he wouldn’t have a choice in the matter. His below-the-belt brain would take over completely if they kept up this level of foreplay.

Hell, he hadn’t even touched her breasts yet. And that was a treat he refused to skip or rush. Or shortchange her the pleasure he had every intention of bestowing. No, they wouldn’t have sex until she begged. Until she wrapped those chorus-girl legs around his waist and joined them herself. Until he’d worked her into such a frenzy that she quivered at the touch of a single finger, and screamed his name to the heavens as he lapped at her—

Obnoxiously loud, the ship’s foghorn split the air. Mira’s eyes flew open. Her arms dropped to her sides.

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